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Here is a collection of apps which might be useful. Hover to see descriptions or images and try them out! Feel free to send me some more recommendations so I can add them to the list. 

Most of the links are iOS-related rather than Google Play, but there should be Google Play version of the same apps. Enjoy!

Image by Jealous Weekends

Tools to help you start the year off and get things done

Classroom Tools
Smiling girls sitting at table in elemen

Tools to help set up routines and share progress with parents.

Lessons and Tasks
A Girl in a Classroom

Tools to deliver lessons, assign tasks to students and to gauge progress.

Quick Assessment
Raising Hands

Tools to quickly assess students' grasp ranging from quizzes to small whiteboard-style technique.

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Tools to record student activities and progress before sharing with each other and parents.

Data Cloud

The three most popular storage systems capable of quick sharing for easy collaboration. For the best out of the three read

Image by Ben White

Useful reading apps from the basics up to upper primary and beyond.

Phonics, Vocabulary and Reading
Image by Nicole Honeywill

Self-learning phonics and vocabulary apps to consolidate learning.

Words & Flashcards

Useful reading apps from the basics up to upper primary and beyond.

Words & Flashcards

Online and physical flashcards that can be used in various ways.

KS2 Group Games
Happy Kids Huddle

Apps for playing in pairs or in groups.

KS2 Individual Grammar Games

Grammar apps for upper primary students.

Augmented Reality
Image by Patrick Schneider

Print and colouring in apps to view 3D augmented reality.

Smart phone with cloud of application ic

EIther didn't fit a category or I couldn't fit them in!

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