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Flipgrid Fever

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Have you got it?

Yes? No? Never heard of it? #FlipgridFever started doing the rounds on Twitter around back in August 2019 and at first I was pretty sceptical about it. I thought it was yet another new marketing ploy by a new flash-in-the-pan edtech app - yawn.

You know the kind, the one that you download onto your iPad, play with for about two minutes before realising it's useless. Then you have to delete it and hope you don't get any related Facebook adverts or annoying spam emails. It can put you off trying new things when this happens.

So I watched from the sidelines as #FlipgridFever continued to rage on Twitter and in the end, my curiosity couldn't stand it anymore. I succumbed, dear reader.

Instead of my having to explain the set-up and how to create content, check out The EdTech Show's set-up video (above) first in conjunction with Tony Vincent's simple guide for creating videos (right).

The Edtech Show's video also shows Flipgrid's functionality when creating videos and this is what students and teachers love. Teachers can create and assign tasks via video or text for students and the students can respond with their own video-created content. As you may already know, you can also do this with other platforms such as Google Classroom, Seesaw and ClassDojo.

However, one big difference is that Flipgrid offers students more range in customising their videos. They can start/stop the videos when creating and add cool stickers, logos and emojis. Students can also apply filters and special effects, the best one being the 'Pixel' one (see left) - great for camera-shy students or for 'Guess Who' style activities.

You can also use the blackboard or whiteboard to write or draw on (see right). There are so many cool tools to use. Students can get into it easily, but all the fun stuff can be potentially distracting too. If you set a task, it's best to give them a set time with a timer to keep them focussed.

Like other platforms such as ClassDojo and Seesaw, Flipgrid also has a topic library full of educator-created templates. Originally called a 'Discovery Library', it's now got the much funkier-sounding 'Disco Library' which suits Flipgrid's vibe. It also has a very useful blog full of tips and ideas.

Now all that is really great and it definitely floated my boat, but what I really got excited, well feverish, about was the downloadable QR code. Once a video has been created, content can be downloaded via a QR code and that QR code can be stuck anywhere - the possibilities are endless.

And this is what #FlipgridFever on Twitter's been about - Twitter fans have been uploading videos and sharing ideas of Flipgrid's capabilities. I started bookmarking loads like crazy, amongst them was Kathi Kersznowski with her list of ideas. I've taken some of them and put them in a collage below. To see the whole collection go here.

There's so much you can do. Here are a few other amazing ideas I've just found on Twitter by Carolyn French and Mr Jon, Courtney Harrison, Ms Biondi, Monique Chatman, Maria Josè Giavedoni and Jodi Zukowski, So inspiring! Check out their great ideas below:

Sean Arnold has also made this nifty infographic (below) in his blog post '20 Ways to Catch #FlipgridFever' where he has a detailed list of other Flipgrid uses, I highly recommend checking out his blogpost where he expands on these elements.

If you're already familiar with apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Adobe Spark, Chatterpix or any other platform then you can upload the video to Flipgrid and combine the two - create an #Appsmash. Click on Jornea Armant's Twitter post (right) to see how she combined Adobe Spark with Flipgrid.

Not only does Flipgrid empower student voice and promote engagement, it is also a tool for formative assessment. Teachers can assess students' speaking and listening skills with the capability of giving prompt feedback either by text or via video and audio.

And I forgot to mention Flipgrid is free!

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there for today! Are you tempted by #FlipgridFever? Check Flipgrid out here.

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